Daily 5 Summer Book Study {Chapter 4}

Thank you for joining us for Chapter 5 of the Daily 5 Summer Book study hosted by Brenda from Primarily Inspired. Today's chapter is all about what you will need to get started with Daily 5. Luckily, we don't need much to get started. You probably already have almost everything you need inside your classroom right now!
The first thing you will need is a quiet signal. The Sisters suggest using chimes. I have a set of chimes I have used since I first began teaching in 1995 (yikes, where did the time go?). It's important to start teaching the students how to gather when they hear the quiet signal on the first day of school. I know that I need to go slowly and take my time when teaching the students these procedures at the beginning of the year. I usually want to rush through this important part and get on to the teaching. The more time you put into properly teaching the students the procedures, the more likely they will become independent learners. 

 I-charts are an important component of Daily 5. You will need a chart rack with paper, an interactive white board, or paper and an overhead or document camera.  
Barometer students may need more assistance, so sand timers, stop watches, and books are just some of the items kept in a container to have on hand to help students who are struggling more with independence during Daily 5.  
I plan to give my students three to ten books to keep in their individual book boxes, as the Sisters suggest. It's important that students have enough books to read to stay engaged during the beginning training period. 
I moved into a new, smaller classroom a few weeks ago, and it's going to be challenging to find a gathering place large enough to accommodate all of the students. It's important to have a gathering place to eliminate desk distractions, give students an elbow partner to easily turn and talk to, and have students' focused attention. I will probably have my gathering place at the front  of the class, with my easel and chart paper close by. I might have to have students push their desks back a bit, but I've had to do that in other classrooms and it worked out fine. It makes sense that a gathering place is important to get students focused on the lesson, and not on whatever Daily 5 choice they were just working on.  
I charts, or anchor charts, are important components of Daily 5 because they are created together and the information is posted and kept in the classroom for students to refer to as needed. These I charts are created for each of the Daily 5 components and student and teacher expectations are documented.  
This is gong to be the another challenging aspect of Daily 5 implementation for me. Tables are not an option for me, and I don't have any extra space for comfy chairs and couches. The Sisters encourage the students to find the best spots to allow their brains and bodies to work and stay focused. When they begin making good decisions about where to they can best work, that's a clue they are ready for independence. 

I found this Sound Machine at Target in the little boutique area close to the cards and stationary. This fits inside the palm of your hand. Some of the sounds are loud, but there are a few that I think would work in the classroom for gathering students together during Daily 5 or any other transition time. I searched four Targets and found a second one to give away! If you could use this in your classroom, enter my Rafflecopter below! And be sure to check the other bloggers' posts in this book study...you just might find more quiet signal giveaways! Good luck and I will announce the winner on July 10th when I discuss my thoughts about chapter 5!

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Have a great Sunday! See you back here on July 10th!

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