It's hard to believe this is the last week of Tips and Tools for Back to School! It makes me sad to think summer is really over!
I remember back in May being one of the first teachers to be out for the summer. Then at the beginning of August, I was among the first teachers back in class. Although I don't think I shut off all summer, LOL! 

This week my friend Laura from A Grace-Filled Classroom is sharing her tips and freebies. She has lots of tips she's sharing about fostering a positive relationship with parents. She has included her School to Home Positive Notes. I am so excited to use this pack! It is packed with everything you would need to help promote a positive relationship between home and the classroom. Be sure to scoop up this freebie soon! It will be free until September 1!
Laura is also sharing her Goal Setting Sheets. Be sure to check them both out on her blog! (Click on the pictures to go to her blog.)
Be sure to check out Laura's blog and follow her TpT store! She has some wonderful products!
Have a great week!

This week my good friend Amna is sharing her tip and a freebie, and it couldn't come at a better time for me! She has a freebie Back to School/Open House pack that I will be using this Thursday at my Back to School Night! It is filled with all kinds of forms to help to organize your back to school night or open house- whatever you want to call it! Click on either picture below to hop on over to her blog and read more about it!
Don't forget to check out the other Primary Peeps' Tips and Tools posts! Lots of tips and freebies, too!

And while you are here, be sure to check out and enter our giveaway if you haven't already! 

My Peeps and I are giving away 5 TpT gift certificates! Since the TpT sale came so early this summer, we thought a giveaway was in order! This Take Two Giveaway begins August 16th, and runs until the 19th. Just in time for back to school for many people! (Even though some of us have been back to class for TWO weeks!)

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The more entries you have, the greater your chances of winning! Good luck to you!
Happy Saturday, Friends! I'm so excited about this fun giveaway! My Peeps and I are giving away 5 TpT gift certificates! Since the TpT sale came so early this summer, we thought a giveaway was in order! This Take Two Giveaway begins August 16th, and runs until the 19th. Just in time for back to school for many people! (Even though some of us have been back to class for TWO weeks!)

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The more entries you have, the greater your chances of winning! Good luck to you!
Hello Friends! Have you seen the TpT Back to School E-books? They are packed with great teacher tips and FREEBIES too! Each seller has included a freebie. Lots of great stuff in these! Be sure to check them out! I have downloaded so many fun things. I love the Back to School Four Corners from One Extra Degree. Just click on each of the pictures to check them out!
Which is your favorite freebie? Have a great week!
Even though summer is long over for me, many of you are just starting to think about going back to school! My sweet and creative friend Heather from The Busy Busy Beehive has a great back to school idea and freebie waiting for you over at her blog!
Be sure to check it out!

And in case you missed it last week, be sure to pop on over to Missy's blog- Dirt Road Teacher for her Tips and Tools post. She has some amazing freebies linked that you won't want to miss! (Our giveaway is over, but I can't wait to see who all of the winners are!)

We all know that back to school time isn't only an exciting time for students- it's an exciting time for teachers, too! We get excited for the back to school sales, fresh classroom supplies and decor, and fun new clothes and accessories! 
I am so excited to be a part of this huge Favorite Things Back to School Giveaway! This giveaway would not be possible without Amy from Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano and Mary from A Classroom Full of Smiles. Over 35 teacher bloggers have come together to contribute to this giveaway! There is over $300 in Amazon gift vouchers as well as other gifts to win! One of those vouchers would come in handy right about now! Or maybe a set of Sit Spots...or a fun teacher t-shirt!
Here are a few of my favorites to kick of the new school year!

First up for my favorite things are these adorable lunch bags! I love getting new reusable lunch bags at the beginning of the school year. Target never disappoints when it comes to the cuteness factor! I loved the blue one and the fox so much, that I picked up both of them. I figured my daughters could use them too!
I love these Lunch Blox containers! They are perfect to keep salads fresh and separated until you are ready to mix it together. I am trying to plan ahead and eat healthier this school year, so these containers will make it a bit easier to do that! 

My next favorite is Vera Bradley. I usually get a new Vera purse at the beginning of the school  year. I thought this pattern was perfect for fall! Since I have had my two Mary Engelbreit bags for almost two decades, (yes, time really does fly)  I also figured it was time for a new teacher bag! Vera Bradley has been the choice of many people I've asked on Instagram, but I wanted to wait and see what other teachers shared as their favorite teacher bags before I make my purchase. I did buy the Hipster purse in this pattern though. Love it!

I LOVE Brighton jewelry. Luckily there is one store close by that carries it. I fell in love with this badge holder, but decided to use it as a lanyard for my school keys. I really like that it feels like jewelry when I wear it!

I should have known to steer clear from the Super Joann's that's not too far away from me. My local Joann never has anything like this! The owl magazine holders, photo boxes, and desk organizers in the top picture are on my wish list! Right next to them were these lovely canvas containers/bags. They are very sturdy and come in three different sizes and colors-teal, purple, and hot pink. I picked the smallest size, which is teal inside and has teal handles. I plan to use it to store my read aloud and mentor texts. 

I don't know what's cuter- this squatty jar or the candy that's in it! I found this Lindt candy at Target. They first got me with the packaging! I keep this in my secret stash at school. I do have candy on my desk that students may occasionally have if they are on task when their number gets called, (they love that!) and they get just ONE piece. But this candy is all mine! There are four different flavors- Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Brownie, Crunchy Nougat, and Cookies and Cream. Try them!

I haven't met a teacher who doesn't love Erin Condren's Teacher Planner! I had her LIfe Planner years before I bought a teacher planner. They are on the pricier side, but something that gives you so much daily happiness is worth it! I love that the boxes are big enough to write all of my notes and plans in, and I also love the extras that are included- like the stickers for meetings, duties, and birthdays. And I have to be honest with you- I am not using this planner this year. I will be teaching a combo, so I need to be able to write two sets of plans. I knew I wouldn't have enough pages to do that, so I purchased a digital planner. This actual planner was a freebie they sent me because there was a mistake on the cover of the planner I bought last year. Erin Condren's company has excellent customer service. I love all different kinds of pens- as you can tell. And I love storing them in my Roxy makeup bag turned pen bag!

I love this rolling cart I bought at Big Lots! I have only seen the ones with primary colored drawers, so when I found this one that matches my classroom, I knew I had to have it! Since the knobs are right in the middle of the drawers, I had a hard time with labeling them so the students would be able to read what was inside. I finally figured out how to get around that handle. I have my Word Work activities in it, all ready to go! I will change out the activities as the year progresses. I would love to get one for independent math practice as well! 

I LOVE the size of this toolbox! I have the longer, rectangular one for my desk supplies, but this one is the perfect size for my class money and coupons! Since I have a ton of coupons, I will switch out the labels every few weeks or so to give the students some variety. I have added the drawer labels as a freebie for you! Click on the picture above to see it. There are a few different label color schemes (and ones to match the freebie drawer cart above) and options to choose from, including editable!

You may have been curious about what is inside the coupons and class money looks like. This Owl Themed Classroom Management Kit was made by my amazingly talented friend Lisa at Pawsitively Teaching. I was planning to make my own class money and coupon kit, since I was transferring schools and would no longer be using the same classroom currency I have been using. Of course I wanted an owl theme, so when I saw this, I was so excited! It saved me valuable time and it's packed with everything you would need for your classroom management system. Included are coupons which the students buy with their money. The money comes 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, and 100's. Lisa has thought of everything! She also includes over 30 coupons, incentive charts, brag tags, and a class store sign! The entire file comes in your choice of color or black and white! If there are certain coupons you want, you can add those yourself because the file is also editable! Be sure to check out her other Classroom Management themes too! Below is a sampling of what is included. 
And I typed out my class store prices. I know my students are going to be so excited about this, and it will be much easier for me to manage than my previous management system. I'm going to play around with the prices once we get started. Some prices may need to be lowered or raised. Lisa has even included a page where you can list the prices of the coupons! The kiddos are going to be so excited! Click on the picture below to see all of Lisa's Classroom Management Kits! 
What are YOU dreaming of as we begin another school year? What are your must-have faves? Please share and be sure to enter our huge giveaway with over $300 worth of prizes! Be sure to go to every blog and share as much as you can to increase your chances of winning. I really wish I could enter this one! Good luck to you!
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