Updated Files!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It's hard to believe it came and went so quickly this year! 

I wanted to pop in and share that I've updated two files. The first one is my idioms file below. I've changed the title to make it a little more user friendly any time of the year, (it was previously titled Ringing in the New Year) but it is still perfect to use when you return from Winter Break, or any time the year! I have added a journal for students to record literal and nonliteral meanings and pictures, larger posters, and different choices for printables. A complete set in black and white is included as well! This will be on sale for a few more weeks too! Click on the picture below to see it. 

The second file I have updated is my O.W.L. {One Word Launch} New Year's Goals and Party Pack. My students are always a little blue after they return from two weeks off. This pack is perfect for starting the new year off positively. I throw them a little New Year's party (some goodies for that are included in this file) and we work on goal setting. Instead of having students come up with resolutions which are so quickly and easily broken and forgotten, I have them think of one word they would like to help guide them through their new year. It could be a quality they would like to see in themselves or something they would like to work towards. The word I chose last year was "Believe". That word was my guiding focus for last year, and it helped me in so many ways! Believing in myself helped bring me to my new school, which I absolutely love. I want my students to experience the power of their one word, and as a class we will be completing the activities in this file when we return from break. Also included in this file are goal setting sheets or a journal printable, treat bag toppers, bookmarks, bulletin board letters, and pennants to make banners are included also. Click on the picture below to check it out and re-download if you already own it! 
Have a great Friday and weekend!

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