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Hello Friends!
I'm excited to link up with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for her monthly Monday Made It linky! I wanted to share my elf freebies, in case you've missed them and could use them in your classroom! These projects are what I've been busy working on the past few weeks.
Tomorrow I will be introducing the cutie below to my class. (I'm still deciding on whether or not he will stay in the Kleenex box I hoarded from last year!) 
My class this year has been the best behaved in all my years of teaching. Lately, though, they have been a bit crazy! I decided to have a little visitor join our elf to help with that. Included in this freebie are two different letters (depending on your class's needs) explaining that each group will get a sticker chart, and at the end of the day, the stickers will be counted and the group with the most stickers (or points if you choose to use group points on the board) will get to keep the deer at their table group. The kiddos are allowed to touch this deer, unlike the elf. And when we leave for break, the deer will leave along with the elf to get ready for Christmas Eve. Also included are sticker charts and passes. Each day I will award the winning group with a different pass or class money as an extra incentive to behave. Click on the picture below to download the freebie! 
For the past few years around Christmastime, I have started "You've Been Elfed" at my school. I start off the fun by "elfing" my class. I have someone leave a bucket of treats, usually candy, at my door with a note and several posters. The directions say to hang the poster in your window and send the bucket with more treats to another classroom. The kids love it, and it adds some fun to the day. This year, our class elf, Jingle, "Elfed" us! 

In my freebie, I have included directions, posters, and a sheet for teachers to write their name after they've been "elfed". I suggest sending out an email and asking teachers ahead of time if they are interested in participating because there have been some years at my old school where teachers have kept the entire bucket and not passed it on. If they are prepared, the fun keeps going and you don't run into any problems like that. I also print several of the posters so teachers don't have to worry about printing them. I have included color copies, and more printer friendly versions too. Our elf Jingle "elfed" my class on Friday! They were so excited! 
Click on the picture below to see the freebie file. 

The You've Been Elfed freebie is part of my Classroom Elf Pack below. You can click on any of the pictures to see them. Scrapbook pages, class coupons, posters, bookmarks, banners, and much more is included in this file, and it's even on sale! I'm joining with Kelly and Kim for their Markdown Monday Linky Party! Click on the picture below to see more deals on their blog!

A friend shared how she used the scrapbook pages. She added a binder ring to the pages. I love how they turned out! Click on the picture below to check out the pack!
I hope these add some holiday fun to your days before break!

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Have a great week! :)


  1. Love the reindeer games and craft! I haven't seem too many reindeer in classrooms. See you around. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Love your project on that checkered reindeer. Just too cute! I also like your elf pack. =) MY classroom elf has been leaving "you have been too talkative" notes lately. I don't know what it is about the holidays that makes our kids go nutso!


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