Markdown Monday with Kelly and Kim's Kreations! (November 24-28)

I'm so excited to link up with Kelly and Kim from Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for their Markdown Monday Linky Party! 
I'm putting my Fall "Fundamentals" CCSS ELA Centers on sale. This one has been so helpful for my kiddos this past month! I teach a 2/3 combo, so while I'm with one group, I will often have students work on these centers in groups or I will have a parent volunteer use one of the centers and work with those who need a bit more help. And since it is fall themed and not Thanksgiving themed, it would (technically!) be fine to use it past November.
I love hitting up Target Dollar Spot before each season! There is something about seasonal centers in these adorable felt bags that my students just eat up! They LOVE it!
The kiddos below are working on common prefixes. They are matching up words with prefixes and their meanings. They have to pay attention because there are a few mistakes thrown in there!
This group is working on making contractions. They record their answers on their recording sheets then write sentences using the words they created. 
This one is common, proper, and abstract nouns sort. Abstract nouns are so challenging for them! They've never had to learn them before this year!
Also included are regular and irregular plural nouns, singular and plural possessive nouns, and editing practice. Recording sheets, answer keys, and writing sheets are also included. 

I have included a color and a more printer-friendly set of black and white copies as well.  You can take a peek below, or click on the pictures to check them out. 

Be sure to head over to Kelly and Kim's Kreations and link up or check out the amazing deals going on this week! Have a great week!

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