Festive Friday Dollar Deals!

Happy Friday! This felt like the longest week ever. We finished up conferences and still have school until next Wednesday. I could use a week off right about now!
I'm super excited, though, about this week's Festive Friday. All you have to do is type in FestiveFriday (just the way it looks, with capitals and no spaces) into the TpT search bar, and you will find dozens of dollar deals! 
My Festive Friday Dollar Deal is one of my favorites! This Cats and Dogs Bundle has four separate files included in it, and the Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Task Cards happens to be a freebie, so you can download it and check it out. Click on the bundle to see the preview, and you can also click on each picture to see the separately sold files. 
My third graders just finished Dogzilla, and they had so much fun using the Singular and Plural Possessive task cards. I had them sort the cards in dog dishes just like the ones in the pictures below- they loved it. I loved that they all did really well on their grammar test!
Here are more pictures of the centers in this file!
If you are on Fall Break, enjoy it! And if you are like me and have a few more days left before Thanksgiving Break, hang in there and have fun with all of the great Thanksgiving files out there! :)

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