Testing Incentives for Smarties!

This is the first year I am really excited about state testing! That's because we are only field testing the Smarter Balance Assessment. Even though our students won't receive  scores until next year, I want them to know how important it is to always do their best. We previously gave the STAR test, and I had lots of goodies and incentives to go along with that theme to promote the test. I kept thinking about Smarter Balance and I wanted to come up with ideas and catchy phrases to promote this test. Smart cookies and Smarties candy came to mind, and Smartie Water, so I created this little file here.

Included are Smart Cookie Homework Passes, You're One Smart Cookie labels to attach to a package of cookies, round Smart Cookie labels that you could use instead of the larger ones, or print on sticker paper, cut out, and give to students to wear, I'm a Smartie cards that you can tape a Smartie candy to, Smartie water bottle labels (two versions) to attach to mini or regular sized water bottles, (you can have them drink this before the test on the first day!), Smartie Tickets to pass out to those on task and working hard during the test, and labels for Hershey Bars to raffle off each day after the test, or you could give one to each student after the test is over. If you can think of anything you might like me to add, please let me know! I'm super excited about this little file, because I know my students are going to be so excited about it! I hope you can use parts of this file with your Smarties too!
Have a wonderful week!


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