Parent Volunteer End-of-the-Year Gift Idea and FREEBIE!

Wow! The end of the year is quickly approaching! I figured I'd better hurry up and share what I plan to give as an end of the year thank you to my amazing parent volunteers. 

Five years ago my class size rose from 20 to 32. I knew I would not be able to teach students the way I was used to. I needed help for those kiddos who needed extra one on one time with decoding, basic facts, spelling, etc., and I knew with a huge class size, I wouldn't be able to give them the same attention I had been used to giving. My parent volunteers stepped up and have made such a huge difference in the lives of my kiddos. I am so grateful for their time! I have at least one that comes everyday! 

For the past few years, I have used this idea as an end of the year thank you. It's from the Eighteen 25 blog. There are so many wonderful ideas on this blog! Their tags are adorable for Mother's Day and an end of the year teacher gift. Since seeing this idea a few years ago, I began making my parent volunteers a strawberry-themed gift basket and homemade strawberry cupcakes in a cute cupcake box as an end of the year thank you. Last year I bought the strawberry containers here, like the Eighteen 25 girls suggested, but this year I may do something a little different. (I will check out Target's Dollar Spot for sure!) I already bought a few of the gifts for the baskets, but I needed a few more things, so I ordered here from Bath and Body Works. I bought a small candle, hand sanitizer, lotion, and hand soap. 

Below is the Strawberry Cake recipe. (This recipe is a hit, by the way! My mom is a total foodie and LOVES this cake!) You can download the recipe here. (Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading it.)
I bought the cute cupcake boxes at Joann's last year. I had a few left over. 
And here is the basket. 
I have small containers of hand sanitizer coming from Bath and Bodyworks to add. You could also add strawberry flavored lip balm to this basket, or anything strawberry related that you can think of!  If you would like the printable toppers, you can download them here. I trimmed mine around the green edge and attached it to a white cake pop stick which I bought at Joann's. You could also cut the tiny green edge off and use a corner rounder, the way the Eighteen 25 Blog did. That looks really cute too! If you can think of anything else school related that you would like the tags to say, please let me know!

Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for such a great post. I will have to bake this fab cake!! Thanks for sharing.=)


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