Product Swap (and Giveaway!) with Amna from Teach Two Reach!

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing teacher Blogger/Instagrammer/TpT Seller April Fools Spring Giveaway! (See the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post- you still have a whole day to enter this wonderful giveaway if you haven't yet entered!) 
My favorite part about this giveaway is that we swapped products with each other and tested them out in our classrooms! I was lucky enough to get to choose an item from Amna's store, Teach Two Reach. Below is the product I chose to use in my classroom! (Click on the picture to see her file in her store. She is the one who taught me how to make pictures clickable. Thank you, Amna! :)

I am so excited to share this wonderful Fact and Opinion Craftivity and Adjectives Craftivity and Writing pack with you! I love it when synchronicity is in effect! This one definitely caught my eye! I knew I would soon be teaching opinion writing and adjectives in my upcoming Houghton Mifflin theme, so I did a little happy dance inside when I saw this product! By the title alone, I knew my kiddos would be excited to complete the activities in this pack! I also knew I needed an engaging, more hands-on way to teach these concepts. What I didn't realize was just how much is packed into this file! 

The first activity we completed was the Fact and Opinion craft. This is always such a difficult one for the kiddos! They often confuse this concept with true and false. In the first activity we completed, students categorized each cookie as fact or opinion. I had them write an "O" above the opinions and an "F" above the the facts. They colored each cookie, then we discussed the correct answers and students cut out and glued the opinions onto the plate and the facts inside the glass. The students were encouraged to neatly color their cookies, plates, and glasses. When they were finished, I let them glue their work to pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper. (I have been hoarding this paper for at least 5 years! I knew they would look like placemats with plates and glasses glued on top!) 
Next, we taste-tested three different Oreos- Golden Chocolate, Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos, and regular Oreos. We started with what the cookie looks like, and moved on to feels, smells, sounds, then finally, tastes. Some of them had a hard time waiting to eat their cookies!
(By the way, the Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo was their least favorite!)
We discussed the details they came up with, then they created a descriptive paragraph about their favorite Oreo.
I noticed I had six students who were still having difficulty with adjectives, so I pulled them to the back table and we completed the adjective craft together. We brainstormed different adjectives that describe cookies. I listed them on my white board, and they chose five of their favorites to write on their cookies, colored them, then cut them out and glued them onto the glass, which they also colored. This extra practice really helped to cement the concept!
Next, I had the students move to opinion writing. They wrote a three paragraph essay about their favorite Oreo of the ones we taste-tested. I have never had students so motivated to write an essay! After reading what they wrote, I am confident they understand this genre and are prepared for their upcoming opinion writing proficiency test. 

This pack helped my students with important concepts in a fun and engaging way. Amna provides templates to create the crafts, as well as a variety of color and black and white writing pages with adorable cookie graphics. I love the art aspect of this file as well. It can be difficult to fit art in at times, so combining it with grammar and writing is a great idea!

Thank you, Amna, for allowing me to use your amazing product with my students. They gave it two thumbs up!

Be sure to enter our giveaway to win your choice of product from each of us! Be sure to check out the other blogs and see what product they have used in their classrooms!

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Good luck! And have a great weekend!


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