Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

First of all, I would like to give a huge thank you to the talented Christi Fultz at Designs by Christi for creating my blog. I appreciate her patience with me as I asked a million questions and had numerous silly requests throughout the entire process. Thank you so much Christi! I just love my blog. You are amazing!

Two years ago I found my first teacher blog, Create Teach Share through a scrapbooking blog I followed. After that, I stumbled upon One Extra Degree and 4th Grade Frolics I never knew teacher blogs existed! I knew teachers blogged about their classrooms or had students blog about their learning, but I never knew so many ideas, freebies, and so much teaching inspiration was out there. A whole new world opened up to me, and I felt like I had finally found my people! I found teachers whose hobby was teaching, the way it should be.

And now I begin this blogging journey at the perfect time. My district is in a transition year to the Common Core State Standards. It's a year of experimenting and teaching in a more student centered, meaningful way. I have been given permission to deviate from the teacher manuals and teach more creatively, the way I did eighteen years ago when I first started on my teaching career. I hope to offer ideas and inspiration along the way!

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