RAK Elf Giveaway!

I have a winner! Jennifer Q's name was chose! Thank you to the others who participated!
Thank you for letting me know on Instagram that my blog wouldn't let you leave a comment- the same thing happened to my husband when he tried to leave me a comment. Congratulations and I hope he brings your students much joy this holiday season! 

Today I was unpacking my Christmas decorations and found an elf, Christopher Pop-in-kins, in one of the storage boxes. I forgot I bought one for my classroom last year to use this year. A few months ago I saw an ad for a free Elf on the Shelf in Instructor Magazine, so I applied for it, and was one of the lucky ones who received a free Elf on the Shelf and birthday outfit. I immediately thought that I need to pay it forward and give away the elf I bought! If you could use an elf this year for your classroom or home, and you like Christopher shown below, follow my blog and leave a comment with your email. A few people have already commented in the previous post. I will have my daughter pick a name out of a hat tomorrow morning so I can get this little guy in the mail tomorrow!
Here's a picture of the elf and book:
Here is a picture of Christopher next to Buddy, our Elf on the Shelf. I love them both so much, I have one of each at home!
My girls are 11 and 14, and still hope Christopher and Buddy visit us this year. They usually make their appearance at our house on December 1st! These are the memories your children and students will carry with them.

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