How I Organize My Centers

After trying many different ways to organize my center files, I think I have finally found a system that works for me. I use file folders with pockets that I found at Staples and 5 x 7 envelopes to store task cards and other small items. The folder is shown below, (sorry for the laminated glare!) and the envelopes have the directions for each center glued on, then everything is laminated. I have a wonderful parent volunteer this year who laminates and cuts out everything for me. The envelopes, game boards, and recording sheets all fit inside the pockets of the folder. I often put the recording sheets in page protectors and give the students dry erase markers so they can be reused and I can save copies, since we are given a budget at my school. 
Below is a picture of the inside of another center file.
Everything fits inside nicely, and I use a clip to keep the folders closed. 
Below is a picture of what the envelopes look like that I usually use. I like to put a title on the front of the envelopes so the kiddos know which envelope the cards go in. 
I store the folders in the magazine holders shown below. I bought them at Big Lots over the summer. Right now I am organizing them by the subject and theme we are on, but I might have to rethink how I organize them when we fully implement Common Core next year. 
I saw the idea below for storing task cards last summer, but I don't remember whose blog it was. I found the coupon holders at Target's Dollar Spot, and I bought the baskets at Big Lots. The holders fit nicely in the baskets. Everything is labeled and I can easily grab what I need. 
How do you organize your centers? I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. These centers are such a fun and creative way to learn!!! I love how you organize it all!!


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