Freebie Checkerboard Reindeer

Here is a fun art project I do around this time every year. I love how cute the deer is, but I also like the fact that all students can participate in this art project. If a student doesn't celebrate Christmas, they can make a winter reindeer with non-Christmas patterned paper for the antlers. They could use a flower or something else in place of the holly and berries, and the nose could be brown or white. HERE is the file if you would like to take a peek or download it.
Every year I have a few students who have a really hard time following this pattern. I usually color it along with them on the overhead, but I still have a few who really have difficulty coloring every other square brown. You might want to emphasize the difficulty factor with your students if you choose to do this craft. 

This is my favorite Christmas art project! They are so cute on my windows with snowflakes around them! I usually leave them up through out January.I love them so much! 

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