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It's summer, my favorite time of year when Tara from 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made It linky party is weekly! I'm actually able to keep up with blogging now because I don't have lesson plans and correcting hanging over my head! 
I'm in LOVE with my first MMI I'm sharing with you today!  I put these Close Reading Tool Boxes together which were created by the amazing Rebecca at Create Teach Share
Close Reading Freebie From Create Teach Share
Rebecca's blog was the first teacher blog I had ever stumbled upon a few years ago. I found her on Pinterest through a scrapbooker who mentioned her on a blog post. I was in awe that teachers actually shared so many ideas and freebies. I became hooked, and the rest is history! Rebecca continues to share her ideas, freebies and resources. She created these amazing Close Reading Toolboxes for her reading groups next year. I was excited to run out to Hobby Lobby and grab the container and photo case Rebecca used. She did a blog post about these Close Reading Toolboxes, so you can click on the link above to download your own set of printables and learn how she uses them. I plan to use them for my guided reading groups, so I only made six of them. They will make our guided reading time extra special, and I have a feeling my students will take close reading more seriously. Here are a few more pictures of them. 
Close Reading Freebie From Create Teach Share
Close Reading Freebie From Create Teach Share
 My second MMI is something you probably have already seen floating around Instagram and Pinterest. I desperately needed to do this since my family thinks that any charger and wire sitting around is free game. I've seen the idea to wrap washi tape around the charger, but I needed a way to distinguish the wires too. I found this washi tape at Hobby Lobby, and it came in a pack with a thick washi and thinner, solid colored washi. I simply wrapped the thicker washi around the charger, and the thinner washi fits perfectly around the wire. I assigned each family member their favorite color, and now we can easily tell who each charger and plug belongs to. Finally, an end to "finders, keepers" in this house! 
Color Coded Chargers
Be sure to link up your projects with Tara for MMI anytime this week! There are always so many inspirational ideas (and freebies) shared! 
Have a wonderful week! :) 



  1. My husband got so sick of this situation when we would visit family that he took sharpie and wrote on all our chargers and cords lol it's not quite as pretty as the washi tape

  2. I have those close reading toolboxes on my to-do list for this summer. They are such a great idea. I love the washi tape charger idea, but as pretty as they are, I don't think they would stop my cat from running off with my chargers... :)

    Enchanted in Elementary

  3. Great projects! Thanks for the reminder for that super cute toolbox! I just saw those awesome boxes at Target, too! We have a bunch of charger "stealers" in my house. I did the same thing to my laptop charger, too!
    Thanks for sharing these awesome MMIs!

  4. Fabulous ideas! I'm heading over to TpT to download that awesome freebie from Rebecca! Thanks

    Crofts' Classroom

  5. In love with those Close Reading Toolboxes!!! That may be my next made it:) Thank you for sharing and linking up:) Always fab ideas from you friend!!!

  6. I need to run to Hobby Lobby and get some of that washi tape. I don't have to keep up with mine versus anyone else but I love the cuteness it brings to it.

  7. I, too, saw the Close Reading Toolboxes on Rebecca's blog. Yours turned out GREAT! I bought the boxes but haven't made the kits YET! They're on my list!


  8. I love the Close Reading Toolboxes. Thank you for sharing the link. Also, I love the cute solution to the "Finders, Keepers" problem.

    Elementary Engagement

  9. You just gave me a brilliant idea to put washi tape on the laptops at school to match the cords to the laptops. That would break down on figuring out which cords go with which laptop. Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  10. My husband and I have the same battle with phone chargers haha. I love this idea! Can't wait to hear how the close reading kits work in your classroom- they are so adorable!

  11. I absolutely love those close reading boxes!

  12. I love your idea of putting tape on the cords--I finally had to use a permanent marker so mine wouldn't disappear. Like this idea way more!


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