Monday Made It- October!

Whew! It's been a busy couple of months! It's hard to believe that mid-October is here and that means I'm on Fall Break! The year has flown by so far. I have a few things to I've been working on this month to share for Tara's October Monday Made It.
The first project I finally completed in October is a third grade addition companion file for chapter 2 of my new math curriculum, My Math. Some of the kiddos have needed more practice with the concepts, so I've created task cards that can be used as centers. I'm planning to make companion packs for all of the chapters. Task cards have come in so handy this year since I'm teaching a 2/3 combo! One group can work on the cards while I'm teaching the other. Here is one of the seven activities in the file. You can read all about my organization of these files HERE. I love it when the kids are having fun, on task, and learning, all at the same time! You can click on the pictures below to see the file. 

And you can check out the freebie file for estimating sums by clicking on the picture below!
My new school allows the students to dress up in their costumes for a Halloween parade. (And lucky for us, it's a Friday and a minimum day!) I've gotten into the Halloween spirit and I've created a few party packs. One is monster themed, and one is owl themed, and they include treat bag toppers, water bottle labels, candy bar and granola bar wrappers, homework passes, and banners. Click on each picture to check them out!

I'm super excited to surprise the kiddos with my owl version of "You've Been Booed". Last year one of my very first TpT freebies was "We've Been Owled". This year I thought of "We've Been Hooted". The rules are the same as the ghost version, only you leave the goodies in a cute owl bag or basket. Here is my picture from last year. I left my adorable owl bag at school, but I'm all ready to fill it up with candy when we return!
Basically, a week or two before school starts, you can start by Booing/Owling/or Hooting your class. As a class, you can decide who to secretly send the treats, directions, posters, and check off lists to next. I usually give the teachers a heads up and ask who would like to participate. There have been times that the classroom kept the candy, but didn't keep it going, so I like to let everyone know so they can plan ahead of time and buy candy or opt out. 

If you've lasted this long, I think you deserve a freebie! You can click on the picture below to see the FREEBIE file. I have included a few different versions of the owl and ghost posters, with different amounts of color, to suit your printing needs! Hopefully you can use the file and add to your Halloween fun, in a non-scary or evil way. These are the memories the kiddos will remember, and the things, I believe, that truly matter! 
Have an awesome day and don't forget to check back tomorrow to link up or check out the deals in our "Fall"ing Prices LInky Party. Two products showcased for $2 every Tuesday throughout October!


  1. Boy, you are working overtime. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL I'm on Fall Break right now, so I'm trying to get a ton of stuff out of the way!

  2. Thanks for sharing. We tried to Boo some classes last year, but it didn't catch on at our school. In fact, one of the classes we booed had a sub. I sent the brownies to her room and my students left them with the sub. I later found out that the sub kept them for herself.


    1. Oh that's terrible! I definitely think it helps to have the teachers opt in or out, because you are right, all it takes is one person to spoil the entire thing! The same thing has happened at my old school also!


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