Monday Made It and Tips and Tools for Back to School {My Turn!}

I'm linking this post up with Tara's Monday Made It in since I haven't created anything spectacular this week! I want to share this first day of school freebie with as many teachers as I can! 

I can't believe it's week 6 for Tips and Tools for Back to School- and that I have two weeks before I have to report back to school! I'm not quite sure where the summer went- I think I spent most of it attached to my laptop, printer, and laminator while trying to get ready for my combo class!

This week it's my turn for Tips and Tools for Back to School! For the past 5 weeks, my Peeps have been sharing their tips and freebies with you. This is an amazing group of bloggers that I am lucky to call my friends! Luckily, we have a few more weeks left of the freebies left! 

Since bts is right around the corner for me, I wanted to share a fun idea (and freebie pack!) that I have done on the first day of school for the past 19 years! My mom was a teacher, and this idea comes from her! (Thanks, Mom!)

On the first day of school, I throw a party for the students to get them excited for their new year. We throw parties at the end of the year, but shouldn't we celebrate the start of a new school year, too?  Making school something fun that the students look forward to benefits us because the kiddos want to be there! I decorate the room with balloons and sprinkle confetti on the desks, and I bring in cookies or cupcakes. I also have name tags, treat bags filled with goodies, and fun first day of school assignments to keep them busy while you take roll and take other managerial issues. I have included a sign for your front door that says "Welcome to the Greatest School Year Ever!", name tags, treat bag toppers, candy bar wrappers, balloon toppers for pencils, Pixy Stix, or Crazy Straws, and homework passes. There are invitations that you can send in the mail if your administration gives you student addresses a few days before school starts. Otherwise, you can pass these out at the door when the students arrive, or leave them on their desks. This first day party is the perfect icebreaker for the students (and teacher)! Below is a peek at what is included in this file!

And a few of the page enlarged...

Click on the picture below to download the file for free this entire week!

I hope you are able to use this little pack and I hope you and your students have fun with it! The beginning of the year is such an exciting time for the students and us, too. These are the memories they are always going to remember!

I hope you enjoy your last weeks of summer before the craziness begins! And be sure to check back next week to see Tips and Tools Week 7!


  1. Great ideas and thanks for the freebie! Can't wait to use it!!!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  2. I have never even thought of having a party for the beginning of school but it's a perfect idea!! Definitely going to be doing that this year!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. What a great way to immediately start a positive classroom environment!

  4. Holy cuteness! Like I would expect anything less than "cute as a button" from you! Thank you so much for sharing these. I can't wait to print;)
    Take care, Amy

  5. What an awesome idea, to have a first day of school party!! That sounds like so much fun!! Thank you so very much for sharing such a great freebie!! I'm so glad to have met you through the linky party!

    Warmest Wishes,


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