Tips and Tools for Back to School- Week 2!

Welcome to another week of Tips and Tools for Back to School! Even though school just ended for some of us, it's never too early for us to start thinking about next year! Especially when great freebies are involved! :) 

Each week until August, The Primary Peeps will be presenting an idea and a freebie on their blogs! 
If you missed last week's blog post and freebie, head on over to Leah's blog Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies here. She had some great ideas for math implementation, as well an amazing freebie!

This week, sweet Missy from Dirt Road Teacher is blogging about a subject near and dear to my heart- classroom volunteer management. About 6 years ago, my district eliminated class size reduction the third year I taught third grade. I went from 20 students to a maximum of 32! It was that year that I realized I could not teach the way I was used to teaching. At back to school night that year, I asked for more parent volunteer help. I told the parents that I did not want one student falling through the cracks because of a financial crisis. The parents rose to the occasion, and I began having them working with students who needed extra support with fluency, comprehension, spelling, basic facts, etc. The volunteers have made all the difference in the success of my students! I am so grateful to them! 

Click on Missy's blog below to check out her classroom volunteer blog post and freebie! I love the idea of having a check-off list! I have never thought of doing that- I usually rattle off to parents what I would like them to do when they arrive. I will be better  prepared next year when parents arrive to volunteer! 
Thank you so much, Missy, for the wonderful ideas and freebies! I will be using them in my 2/3 combo for sure next year!

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