Have You Been Leprechauned?

Happy Saturday! It's the beginning of my Spring Break! I'm excited to have absolutely no plans for the upcoming week! I hope to get organized at home and school and recharge my batteries for the next two and a half months of school. It is really flying by. :(

I made a "We've Been Leprechauned" freebie for you. I plan to do this when I return from Spring Break on St. Paddy's Day. If you are still in school, it would be fun to Leprechaun your neighbors at school next week up until St. Patrick's Day. I have included two versions- an actual leprechaun, and an owl leprechaun (of course). Directions and printables are included here.
I found some really cute clear plastic containers (above) from Michaels. I plan to use them for the candy as well as for for my St. Paddy's Day centers when I return from break. Any gold or green foil covered candy would be great for adding to the bowl. What other fun things do you have planned for St. Patrick's Day? I might have to sneak into my classroom over break to get it ready for the Leprechauns!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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