FREEBIE Letter From My Desk

I really need to go make some homemade chocolate chip muffins (best recipe from My Baking Addiction here- they are delish!), but I quickly made a little last day of school writing file for my class. I've used this for years, but it needed to be freshened up with some adorable Graphics from the Pond clip art!
Here's what I do:
Every year on the last day of school, the last writing assignment I give my students is a letter from their desk. What advice would the students' desks give to the new crop of students coming the following school year? Students write from the perspective of their desk and describe what the new students will learn, classroom procedures, fun things to look forward to, and any other important information that will be needed to be successful the following year in our classroom. First, we brainstorm together the important things about our classroom, then the students write about those things. When school starts in the fall, I have the letters waiting on the students' desks when they come in first thing in the morning. They read their letter while I take roll, then we talk about what kinds of things they will learn, and I answer any questions they have. My current students always love writing this final assignment, and the next group enjoys reading about what they have to look forward to.
If you would like a free copy, click the picture!
Happy Memorial Day! 

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